Day 2 Session 4: Consequences of Social Inequality: Poverty and Health

2017-10-15 15:13
"Why inequality?: Increasing inequality and social pathology"

Hwang, Sunjae (Chungang University)


"Can geographic bridging social capital be an useful resource to make people healty who are living in the deprived urban neighborhood?"

Kim, Chang Oh (Seoul National University)

Cho, Byung Hee (Seoul National University)


"Fundamental Causes of Health Inequality: A Comparative Study between Singapore and South Korea"

Kim, Minhye (National University of Singapore)


"Differential Population Aging in Korea: Accounting for Education and Elderly Health"

Kye, Bongoh (Kookmin University)


Organizer: Kim, Myunghee (People's Health Institute)


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