Colloquium in Jan. 2020

Shin, Kwang-Yeong (Professor, Department of Sociology at Chung-Ang University)

Professor Shin discussed the limitations of sociological research on class inequality in South Korea, in the midst of such changes as globalization, technological advances, low-fertility, aging, and a rise of single households. Especially he pointed out that class inequality research in South Korea had exclusively focused on ‘the working individuals’ income’ as the unit of analysis. According to Professor Shin, the inequality of wealth, greater than that of income, had been poorly studied in South Korea, mainly due to a lack of data on the wealth. He also argued those living by earning non-labor income as well as ‘the household’, the basic unit of sharing income in family should be given more attention in Korean class inequality research. As to overcome these limitations, Professor Shin called for a holistic approach beyond disciplines to social inequality in South Korea.

♠ This colloquium was a tribute to Professor Shin retiring in 2020. For more photos, please click on a link below (

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